Quick Actions

Customers complain that there are too many steps to take an action in the Guest Center iPad app. When a host has a line of people out the door waiting to be sat, 2 extra taps for each customer can make a big difference.

With this project, we wanted to create a secondary, faster way to seat guests on tables. The primary way to seat guests, shown below, will not be affected.

Restaurants need a shortcut for 'seating' parties on a table.

My role: Lead designer
Old design

The current design for marking guests as 'seated' feels too slow

Step 1: tap the arrow next to the guest name Step 2 & 3: select the table and Seat Now button
Design Explorations

What would make the action feel faster?

V1 - Circling the tables V2 - Tap a table and then tap the party V3 - Drag and Drop

Drag and drop requires the fewest taps

The user long presses on a guest in the list and the card turns into a draggable card. As soon as the card is dragged out, the “Guest information” panel slides in on top of the reservation list (just like it does today). Dragging the card to a table reveals a status message about that table. Letting go on that table drops the guest onto that table and it turns purple to indicate “Seated” with a success notification and undo option.

Drag and drop allows the user to see the status of the table without an extra tap. If there is already another party assigned to the table, they’ll see that in the message and move on to another table.

Status message style

How to show if a table is occupied at the reservation time
V1: Always in the header V2: Overlay near the table V3: Popover attached to the table


Drag and drop should be a fast action, so it’s likely that errors will happen and the host should have the option to undo a mistake. Up until now, the Guest Center app doesn’t have the ability to undo, so this was a new pattern that had to be designed.
V1: toast notification entering and leaving from the bottom V2: Message close to to the table V3: Full side panel overlay
V4: small success message on the table + the undo option on the guest in the reservation list, where the action originated.

Current Status

This project is currently waiting to be developed. Since I was designing ahead of the development team, I got to about 80% complete with the design in Sketch and Framer, and I will sit with the engineers to adjust animations and microinteractions. We plan to measure success by reduced requests from the field to speed up the seating flow.